Friday, April 23, 2010

What is an Astrology Chart?

The ancients used Astrology to navigate the seas and through observation they noticed patterns of behavior and personality according to the birth positions of a person's planets on the day, time, year, and place. Now, centuries later, astrology is still fascinating and can be your guide to navigate through all parts of your life. A new romance, marriage, a professional opportunity, money outlook, information about your children and family,health, travel and creativity are all areas with which an astrology reading can help you. Basically, an astrology chart outlines the joys and sorrows in each person's life. Luckily, the chart can tell us how to emphasize the joy so the sorrow shrinks. And, I specialize in good news!

You may say but I read my horoscope every day and it is only occasionallyright or interesting. The horoscopes in the newspapers are only part of the picture. In addition to the Sun sign (usually known as your sign) each person has the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which may be in different astrological signs. The position of the Sun is important but it isn't the whole story. When you go to an astrologer he or she will show you how all the planets are working together or hindering each other. And then how your chart is influenced by the current motion of the planets in the heavens. The best use of astrology is to show you how you can move with the planets' tides and maximize the positive placements in your chart.

I love people who say "I don't believe in astrology." I say, "don't believe in it, just watch it work." For people who are going through major ups and downs a chart can tell you when things will smooth out. Also, if you meet a new person and want to get the inside story on him or her, comparing astrological charts will show you what to expect from that person and relationship. Health issues are another area where astrology can be useful. And astrology can give you some interpretations of your life's purpose what gives you the greatest joy.

I have been an astrologer for more than 20 years. I am not always right but with the stars guiding me I can offer you a clear pictureof all the facets of your personality and what life may offer you. Do visit my website or write me, or follow me on Twitter

I am glad to share my love of the stars.

Happy Sailing.

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