Sunday, April 11, 2010

An interesting week ahead. Fate?

We are now at the end of the lunar cycle and these next 2 days it is good to rest and chill out. New Moon on Wednesday will energize things soon enough.

People sometimes ask if everything in a person's chart is fated. And then the next question is, what about Free Will? I think that some things in life have a feeling that they are meant to be. But sometimes, we don't listen to those feelings, or sometimes we choose to go in a different direction. So, free will comes into play. Sometimes, we are lazy and say something was "meant to be" because we don't want to do something, or exercise self discipline. That third Margarita is usually not meant to be, but we say it is because we want to justify our actions.

Each person interprets and fashions their life by choosing actions. Your astrology chart illuminates the parameters of your life. And fate? Fate is elastic.

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