Monday, July 26, 2010

Thoughts on Getting The Most Out of A Consultation

I have been doing astrology readings for more than 20 years and I have heard a lot of stories. I think I am privileged to know so many stories and experience the different ways that people handle life. When people turn to the occult, (tarot card readers, astrologers, channelers, or other intuitive practitioners) they are usually in a vulnerable mood. The traditional avenues of knowledge: priests, doctors, psychologists, teachers, parents, or friends, do not seem to speak to their exact problem or quest. This searching is a very good place to begin self knowledge. For self knowledge a person has to be open to influences from the physical, mental, as well as spiritual world. This feeling of being open will help a good practitioner be effective because he or she can influence a person on a deeper level than is standard. Occult practitioners can often get to the root of problems, and relieve the energy or imbalance that is causing them. An astrologer is not necessarily a healer but by studying a person’s chart and helping a person see the meaning behind current difficulties, self knowledge begins. We usually feel better when we know what is happening and why.

Too often, however, I feel that people abandon their common sense and sense of responsibility. They feel that an astrologer has a magic wand and will give them the green light for good luck, or winning the lottery, or finding the man or woman of their dreams. There is a saying in astrology that character is destiny. The same idea was expressed by the ancient Greeks: Know Thyself. When a person is in tune with his/her soul map, (another word for an astrology chart), or sense of purpose and character, then the occult arts can be valuable sources of information. Sometimes people are just beginning to know about their needs, desires, and purpose. In that case practitioners can help point the way. But in all readings a person must take personal responsibility. You must realize that if the planets indicate a lucky win and you have a tendency to gamble or dissipate yourself, the lucky winning is not going to amount to much.

Romantic relationships are a big part of my work. Will he call? Does she love me? Should I divorce? These questions are important but even more important are the reasons: foolish, wise, mundane, and or karmic that you hooked up together. Sometimes, people have relationships that are not easy because they have unfinished business with a person. In that case, your job is to transform the energy between you so that you do not keep repeating a pattern. No matter what the dynamics are, you are the keeper of your flame and happiness.

Consult occult practitioners for their wisdom and experience, rather than to avoid an unpleasant situation or to reinforce a fantasy. And lastly, you pay a practitioner to represent to you the most positive outcomes possible. Fate is an elastic concept and anyone who reads a chart, or cards, or channels and comes up with a totally dire, negative reading is not a practitioner who is adding to the light. Avoid these people.

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