Thursday, April 8, 2010

Strange weather and interesting stars

Good morning. On the East Coast we have high temperatures and haze...just like summer. I like to watch the weather patterns as sometimes they reflect the movement of the planets. This is a dramatic time. We are moving towards an astrologically tense period at the end of April.

Does this mean we should all quake in our shoes and curse the stars? NO. It means to keep flexible, observe yourself and others' behaviour and find something that you enjoy. Ice cream counts.

Specifically, yesterday Saturn went retrograde and on Tuesday Pluto went retrograde. All the planets (not the Sun and Moon) move retrograde during the year. This means that from the earth the planets' orbit appears to move backwards. In our daily lives it often means that we have to look at how we expend our power and organize our lives.

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  1. Looking forward to following you here. You may recall, I had a reading last September. I have since joined the local Astrology Meetup group and began working with crystals and stones. Though my peers and I don't see exactly where the "mystic rectangle" (vs. a hard rectangle) is, I have been learning so much about my new "roadmap."