Saturday, May 8, 2010

An astrological perspective of the past 2 weeks: April 23-May 7

The heavens have been busy! We have had a number of tense planetary aspects operating and, all things considered, I think the world has done well. Perhaps, you have felt upheaval in your personal world as some signs have felt more of this distress than others.

When I say this to people they feel they have been singled out for doom. I have noticed, after being an astrologer for more than 20 years, that the stars are equal opportunity. Each sign, each chart, each person has their turn at easy times and tough times. Don't feel cursed. If someone is skating through this time period, they will have challenges ahead. And if you are struggling, the tides will change and life will calm down.

Basically, we are experienceing transits (the relationships between planets) that are helping the entire planet evolve. That is the big picture. We can no longer cling to an outmoded way of conducting our lives. New structures, new business practices, and new governments must emerge. But the old style has a powerful grip. We like consistency and we like familiarity. If every person could take a few moments, breathe, feel centered, and affirm CHANGE, I think we each could start to move with the tide instead of struggling against it.

The practice of centering yourself can been looking at a flower, exhaling, humming a tune, or just feeling satisfied. Encouraging these moments give us all islands of pleasure (and sanity) in a fast paced, confusing world. Cherish small moments and larger ideas will come.

Back to the stars: this particular stress pattern is moving out. Mercury will straighten out on May 11th, and the new moon on May 13th, begins a new cycle of energy.

Things are evolving....after all, we are creating civilization.